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  • Rectification of horoscope
  • Natal horoscope
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  • Natal predictive cycles
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  • Electional horoscope
  • Astrological interventions

Rectification of horoscope is an establishment of the precise degree of an ascendent in the natal horoscope in order to establish the precise time of somebody’s birth. If you do not know the exact time of your birth or if you suspect that the time of your birth is not correct and you can not find out the answer in some way, rectification is the only possible way to find out the exact time of your birth. The procedure of the rectification performed by the astrologer Natasa Karalic Koprivica, represents a combination of the ancient rectifiable techniques and personal experiences in the rectification of horoscope. She has been learning all that for many years by calculating natal horoscopes. If you order natal, synastry or electional horoscope, the rectification will not be charged separately. Contact the astrologer if you need information necessary for the successful rectification.

Natal (life) horoscope gives general information about qualities of the most important life aspects of a person (temperament, behaviour and character, health, different life predispositions-especially those connected to education, the choice of profession and professional improvement, emotional life and tendency to have a specific type of a partner, family and marital relationships, offspring and relationship with children, business and financial situation during the life, the possibility of going and living abroad, etc…) as much as it can be seen in the natal chart of a client. Reduced predictions for a period of 2-3 years are the component of every natal horoscope. Every natal horoscope consists of a natal chart and its analysis.

Partial natal analysis - In contrast to the natal horoscope, which represents an analysis of several more important aspects of life, a partial natal analysis for the subject has a one particular segment of the natal horoscope. If you do not want to make a complete natal horoscope, but only a more detailed analysis, for example, of partnerships and marriages (whether there will be marriage and when, number of marital relationships, quality of marital relationships) or fertility and progeny (fertility, determination of the most favorable periods for conception, quality of relationships with children), or any other aspect of life, a partial natal analysis is the best choice.

Natal predictive cycles are the astrological methods (secondary progressions, solar and lunar return, transits, transit planetary stations with synodic conjunctions and oppositions, firdaria and profections) which are used for the analysis of one period of life, usually for one year, (for example, from birthday to birthday). Natal predictive cycles are often called “annual horoscope”. To most astrologers it is, unfortunately, only solar return.

Synastry (comparative) horoscope is an astrological device used for detailed analysis of relationships between two or more persons by comparing previously created natal horoscopes. It can effectively be used both for the useful analysis of marital and extramarital relationships and for the analysis of relationships between different relatives or business associates as well. It gives the useful information about the qualities of the analysed relationships, good aspects and characteristics, potential dangers which can jeopardise them. It is an irreplaceable device for detailed analyses of relationships between two or more persons. Every synastry horoscope consists of two or more natal horoscopes and specially interpreted analysis of relationships.

Electional horoscopes are used for defining the right time for starting some undertaking. If you are preparing for starting some activities (schooling, professional improvement, business activity, application to the authorities if you want to get some permission for something or to get other documents, public appearance, travelling abroad, etc…) and want the advice of an astrologer referring to the auspicious moment for starting something, electional horoscope is the real choice for you. Electional horoscope consists of an electional chart and its analysis.

Astrological interventions (astrological magic, talismans, planetary invocations).


  • Horary horoscope
  • Annual horary consultations

Horary Astrology is a part of astrology and it gives answers to concrete questions. Horary astrology is a part of astrological tradition and its culmination was during the 17th century in England through the work of William Lilly, John Gadbury, Nicholas Culpeper and other distinguished astrologers. In Horary Astrology the answers to the questions are based on the interpretation of astrological charts calculated for place and time in which the astrologer receives and understands the question. By the usage of rules and skills of the horary astrology, it is possible to give answers and predictions for different questions from different parts of life such as: emotional life, marital and family relationships, relationships with friends and business associates, estate, job and finances, health, etc. Every horary horoscope consists of a horary chart and its analysis. If you want, you can choose annual horary consultations. It means that there are five horary horoscopes and a client can get answers to five horary questions during the whole year.


  • Mundane horoscope

Mundane Astrology as a part of astrology is a group of many astrological skills which study natural and social ( economical, political and the like) phenomena such as: natural disasters, pandemic and epidemic of different diseases, the establishment and status changes of states and other organizations, war between countries, civil wars, political revolutions, etc. Every mundane horoscope consists of a suitable mundane chart and its analysis.


If you want a complete life horoscope or an analysis of relationships by comparing your horoscope with a horoscope of some person, order the natal horoscope or the comparative horoscope. If you are interested in the astrologer’s help referring to a particular life situation or problem, choose the horary horoscope. Choose the electional horoscope if you need help of the astrologer for the defining the most auspicious moment for starting or doing some important job.


It is important to mention that all horoscopes are calculated in keeping with the rules of traditional astrology by using adequate astrological methods and techniques. Astrological analyses are not generated by computer software, but they are created for each individual client. In the texts on the Homepage and on the other pages of this Website you can find out what the Traditional Astrology is and how it differs from the prevailing modern astrology. The time-limit is three days for horary horoscopes, and for the other horoscopes is ten days from the moment when you pay for that. The calculated horoscopes are sent to your e-mail or postal address. Delivery of the horoscope is not the end of the horoscope's interpretation. When you receive and read the horoscope, you can freely ask the additional questions referring to the analysis. The answers can often be more significant than the primary analysis. They are the components of the primary horoscope's interpretation.

If you are uncertain that your birth date is correct, you should particularly mention that when you order natal, synastry and electional horoscopes because of the rectification of the horoscope. The rectification is included in the price of the calculating horoscopes mentioned above.

There is a guarantee to everyone who pay for some astrological service that the same will be done in time in keeping with the description which is on this page or which is sent via e-mail. It is not guaranteed for the veracity of the astrological analyses and predictions, and, above all, it is not guaranteed that clients will be satisfied with the analyses. There is no legal or other responsibility for actions taken by clients on the basis of the contents of offered astrological services.

Calculated horoscopes are not the substitute for the expert medical help. In case of contacting the astrologer because of health problems, you must go to a doctor no matter how astrological analyses and predictions are.

Do not hesitate to CONTACT the astrologer Natasa Karalic Koprivica if you need help for choosing a service, information about the prices, sending money or other information about astrological services.

“Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer.”

(J. P. Morgan, American banker)