Love Questions in Horary Astrology

Early Horary Astrology Rules for Love Questions and Contracting a Marriage

What differs the first katarche methods from the later horary methods, at first sight, is the lack of mundane derivations and mundane locations of a querent as well as his separation from the subject of a question (for more information about katarche you can read the article "Notion and history of Horary Astrology"). A chart always refers to a thing in a question, without the significance of houses and their derivations according to the nature of things. A moment when someone asks about his/her marriage or a moment when an astrologer hears a question about marriage or a moment of contracting a marriage, so to speak, is practically interpreted equally. According to Dorotheus of Sidon, a husband is estimated through the positions of Sun, an ascendant and a planet with which Moon made the last aspect. A wife is estimated through Venus, a descendant and the application of Moon in series. The states of marriage, the relationship between spouses, the public image are estimated through the state of the southern meridian cusp (mc) and its ruler. The dowry and the final result are estimated through the northern cusp and its ruler. A thing is always estimated according to elementary rules. For example, if Sun is weak and Venus is strong, according to a position or aspects with benefits, a wife does well in marriage. It is opposite, if Venus is jeopardized in some way. A combust Venus is a sign of an obedient and dependant wife whom a husband always puts in the shade. It is not good at all if Moon is in a very bad position. It is important where Moon is and in which house malefics, that jeopardize it, are. For example, if Moon is too jeopardized in V mundane house, misfortune in marriage comes because of children, or if a malefic jeopardizes Moon from II house, finances and livelihood subsistence appear as the main reason. As for the questions referring to children, the strong Mercury or Mercury in the application with the benefic can rectify the things. It is particularly bad if Moon is, in Cancer or Capricorn, in a bad aspect with a malefic and a bad house in a katarche chart. It is believed that marriage will not last long. Venus in the same signs, bad aspects and XII house is a significator of a wife’s unfaithfulness. She will be unfaithful too if Moon is on the first five and the last five degrees of Taurus in the katarche chart, while the middle of this sign gives very good and faithful wife (I say again that it could be the question, the news about marriage or the moment of contracting a marriage). It is very bad if Moon is in Cancer, seemingly opposite to logic, in consideration of the domicile position of this luminary, where you should remember that the rules developed in the patriarchal societies. Too strong position of a wife was not a good virtue, so it is believed that the position of Moon in Leo was a fortunate thing, because Moon in this sign is under the rule of Sun, a general significator of men. When some man marries, it is good for Moon to be in Virgo, if he marries a ripe woman which was married before and not a young, till then, unmarried woman. Moon in Libra is a position good for flirting and courting, but not for marriage stability. It is better to propose some girl then than to contract a marriage during that period. The position in Scorpio is generally bad because of the detrimental position of Moon. It is neutral in Sagittarius, very bad in Capricorn and Aquarius and average in Pisces.

There will not be happiness in marriage if Venus is damaged or it is strong with Moon at the same time, except that Jupiter overpowers them according to its mundane position. It is very good if Moon and Venus are in aspect with Jupiter, especially in a good aspect or in a conjunction. It is always desirable that a katarche chart should be compared with the natal charts of spouses.

As for katarche questions and events referring to quarrels and misfortunes in marriage, it is important to watch the primary Sun and Venus as well. If Sun is above horizon in a good house and Venus is retrograde or in the first station, it means that spouses will reconcile or a wife will return to her husband, or she will cool down depending on the context of situation. It is particularly good if Venus is occidental (it appears after Sun during the daily movement). If Venus is oriental nad fast (it moves more than fifty-nine arch minutes and eight arch seconds of longitude), and Sun is weak, then it means that a wife will insist on her domination. Similarly, if, during the quarrel and the temporary separation or the news about them, Venus is above horizon, oriental (it appears before Sun during the daily movement) or oriental in a flexible or double bodied sign (it is Aquarius as well) with the coexistent weak Sun under horizon, or Sun in a double bodied sign or in a cadent house, then the stable marriage and the return of a spouse will not happen. The opposition of the luminaries during the quarrel or the separation brings much pain and quarrels between spouses. If it is a separated opposition, there is a chance for reconciliation. But if it is applicable, there is less chance for reconciliation, particularly if malefics are pointed out in the chart in any way. The opposition is also qualified by the state of benefics that can solve some things in different way.

Author: Natasa Karalic Koprivica

"Astrology is just a finger pinting at reality."

(Steven Forrest, American astrologer)